Photography by Yamashita ’71 Featured in National Geographic

Photo by Michael Yamashita '71.

Beautiful new work by veteran photographer Michael Yamashita ’71 may be viewed online in the May issue of National Geographic. His photos accompany an article “The Forgotten Road” by Mark Jenkins who traces the remnants of the legendary trail in China that served as a trading route for tea and Tibetan horses.

The ancient passageway once stretched almost 1,400 miles across the chest of Cathay, from Yaan, in the tea-growing region of Sichuan Province, to Lhasa, the almost 12,000-foot-high capital of Tibet.

David Low

David Low '76 writes about arts and culture for the Wesleyan magazine and Wesleyan Connection. He is associate director of publications in the Office of University Communications. He is also a published fiction writer. E-mail: