Potter Writes about Partner Violence in Hartford Courant

Claire Potter, professor of history, professor of American studies, wrote an Op-ed titled “Intimate Partner Violence: A Scourge Hauled Out of the Shadows,” for the April 4 edition of The Hartford Courant.

Potter discusses the often unreported crime of intimate partner violence and how recognition of these incidents has at least increased over the last few decades. While awareness of these incidents as crimes has increased since the 1970s, when Potter was first exposed to it, the patterns and incidents themselves remain entrenched.

“Reflecting on this as an adult feminist, I think that we — several women and men — had no language to describe what we knew. The phrase ‘domestic violence’ was just emerging, even in policy circles,” she writes.

Potter will be a panelist April 27 at Wesleyan at a Key Issues Forum, “The Person You Think You Know: Signs and Solutions of Campus Violence.”