Sellier ’11 Performs Organ Concert for Homelessness Awareness

Matthew Sellier ’11 was featured a Hartford Courant article titled “Pulling All the Stops to Help Homeless.” On Jan. 29 Sellier performed an organ recital at Middletown’s South Church to raise resources for and awareness of homelessness in the area.

Sellier performed a composition by Neely Bruce, professor of music. The piece is based on the spiritual “Heaven Bell A-Ring.” Performing a work by a composer present in the audience, Sellier says in the article, is “nerve-wracking” but also has its advantages in that he doesn’t have to guess about a composer’s intent. “I can ask Neely what he wants,” Sellier says. “You can [get] a lot of insight by asking the composer directly.”

Bruce is co-director of music at South Church.