Governor Rell, DEP Honor SplitFrame Project with Environmental Award

Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell and the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) recently commended Elijah Huge, assistant professor of art, on his efforts with the Mattabeseck Audubon Society. Rell presented the Audubon Society with GreenCircle Award.

The Society was experiencing problems at their Helen Carlson Wildlife Sanctuary in Portland, Conn. with beavers who had changed the site so that access was a serious challenge. The Audubon Society welcomed Huge and his Wesleyan students to solve the problem.

SplitFrame, designed and built by Elijah Huge's students, received a GreenCircle Award Dec. 16.

SplitFrame, designed and built by Elijah Huge's students, received a GreenCircle Award Dec. 16.

They designed and constructed a sustainable project under adverse conditions. They created a split frame viewing station consisting of a lower floating observation deck and an elevated platform connected by a hinged staircase. Tiers on the lower platform serve as seating for conducting classes. Through their architectural skills, professionalism, and dedication to the project, the sanctuary is once again available for a unique environmental experience.

Rell awarded 17 Connecticut civic organizations, individuals and businesses with GreenCircle Awards at a ceremony at the State Capitol in Hartford Dec. 16.

“Today’s program marks the 11th anniversary of GreenCircle, an awards program that has continued to grow and reward those volunteers who continually show their commitment to Connecticut’s environment,” Governor Rell said. “Through their efforts and volunteer hours, they have contributed to improving the quality of life for all residents and visitors to this great state. Thanks go out to them all.”

Since the DEP launched the GreenCircle Award Program in 1998, approximately 900 schools, institutions, civic organizations, businesses and individuals have been recognized for more than 1250 projects that have made a real difference in preserving natural resources and protecting the quality of the state’s air, water and lands.

More details on the project are in a Sept. 23 edition of The Wesleyan Connection.

Huge’s project also was featured in an October 2009 Dwell article titled “The Birds and the Beavers: Connecticut birders happily swap their waterlogged Wellies and foggy field glass for the Wesleyan student–designed SplitFrame, a viewing platform in a former cranberry bog.”