WESU 88.1 Program in Christian Science Monitor

The program, “The Middletown Youth Radio Project” (MYRP) on Wesleyan’s station WESU 88.1 FM was featured in the Feb. 3 edition of The Christian Science Monitor. MYRP partners 12 elementary and middle-school students with eight Wesleyan University student mentors. Every Friday night, two 10- to 12-year-old DJs put on their headsets in the WESU radio studios and host their own half-hour radio show. Both Wesleyan students and the neighborhood kids benefit from MYRP, says Sonia BasSheva Mañjon, vice president of diversity and strategic partnerships, and Ben Michael, WESU station manager.

“The program … connects students and their curricula work with hands-on application right here in our neighborhood ,” Mañjon says in the article.