Resource Specialist Manages Files, Information on All Faculty Members

Eloise Glick, faculty resource specialist, helps process teaching evaluations at the end of each semester in the Office of Academic Affairs.
Posted 02/01/08
Q: Eloise, as a faculty resource specialist in the Office of Academic Affairs, what resources do you manage for the faculty?

A: I coordinate all the paper and processes — except for benefits — associated with a faculty member’s career from the letter of offer until retirement. There is a reason the main decorative feature of my office is filing cabinets!

Q: When a new faculty member is hired, what is the process of getting him or her into the faculty database and university system?

A: Each faculty member provides the required personal information that is entered into the PeopleSoft Human Resources database so that the WES ID can be generated. All the electronic accounts that faculty members need to do their jobs are created through an automated process after the information is entered. Some of the information is then made public through the directory listing and the departmental web pages. Except for the name and job title, each individual controls the information that is made available for viewing in the university directory.

Q: Do you meet or speak with faculty often or is your job somewhat behind the scenes?

A: Most of my communication with faculty is through e-mail and the telephone. My most frequent contacts are with faculty members of the Advisory Committee and department chairs. If I am doing my job well, I shouldn’t hear from many faculty members.

Q: What generally occurs throughout your day?

A: Each day is different, although many of the tasks associated with the job are cyclical. The process for approving sabbatical and leaves for 08-09 has been completed. Now I am involved in tasks associated with hiring new faculty for the 08-09 academic year, and before long there will be retirement and commencement activities. At the end of each semester all the teaching evaluations are forwarded to Academic Affairs and I help coordinate that process and provide data to faculty on their evaluations.

Q: What are the Support Advisory Committee and Review and Appeals Board, and what is your involvement with them?

A: The Advisory Committee and the Review and Appeals Board are the faculty groups responsible for advising the president regarding appointments, reappointments and promotions in the faculty. I provide staff support to make sure these two groups have the materials they need for reviewing the appointments and assist in any way that I can to make the process run smoothly.

Q: Who are the key people you work with in Academic Affairs?

A: Part of the appeal of this job is that Academic Affairs works so collaboratively. I work most closely with the Paula Lawson, associate provost, but interact frequently with Joe Bruno, vice president for academic affairs and provost; Tom Morgan, academic secretary; Janine Lockhart, financial planner and analyst; the academic deans and the Academic Affairs support staff. It really is a team effort.

Q: When did you come to Wesleyan and attracted you to the university?

A: I began in February 2003. I was working in New Haven at the time and was looking for an interesting position in higher education when I saw an ad in the Hartford Courant for the position as an assistant to the vice president for the Office of Academic Affairs. I knew a couple of faculty members and they spoke highly the school so I decided to apply for the job. In addition, my husband and I have enjoyed the cultural activities that a liberal arts university provides. We’ve attended a number of Center for the Arts concerts and campus-wide lectures.

Q: What is your educational background? What were you doing prior to Wesleyan?

A: I have a degree in education. I have worked in education from the pre-school level through professional schools, both as a teacher and in administrative roles. Just prior to coming to Wesleyan I was the Dean’s Office coordinator at Yale University School of Medicine.

Q: Do you have a family?

A: My husband and I have been married for almost 38 years and have two grown children: a son living in Georgia and a daughter living in Colorado. They have chosen great locations for us to visit.

Q: What are your hobbies?

A: I really enjoy participating in choral music groups and have sung with several choirs over the years. I also enjoy the culinary arts and have been known to use North College third floor folks as the guinea pigs for cake or cookie recipes.

By Olivia Drake, The Wesleyan Connection editor