International Mathematics Conference Coming to Campus

Posted 10/02/07
Wesleyan’s Mathematics and Computer Science Department will host The Wesleyan Dynamical Systems Conference, Oct.13-14 at the Exley Science Center. The conference is being held in honor of Ethan Coven, professor of mathematics, emeritus.

Dynamical systems, an extremely broad and central field of mathematics, is, at its core, the quantitative study of systems evolving over time.

“Scientists in many disciplines have come to realize and use geometric and quantitative techniques that have been the outgrowth of this field of study,” says Edward Taylor, associate professor and one of the conference organizers. “It cross cuts such major areas of mathematical research as low-dimensional geometry and topology, hyperbolic geometry, analysis and the theory of ordinary and partial differential equations. Techniques from the field of dynamical systems have found applications in such diverse fields as economics, ecology, physics, medicine and biology.”

Taylor adds that, while the conference talks are being given by internationally recognized experts in the field of dynamical systems, people with a general interest in mathematics considering attending the conference would appreciate the breadth and vigor of this field.

The list of speakers is impressive and includes mathematicians from universities across the United States, as well as Canada and Israel. The full list of speakers, abstracts and events can be found on the conference website:

The Mathematics and Computer Science Department will also host a sectional meeting of the American Mathematics Society next October.

Along with Taylor, The Wesleyan Dynamical Systems Conference organizers include Petra Bonfert-Taylor, associate professor of mathematics, Adam Fieldsteel, professor of mathematics, and Michael Keane, professor of mathematics. The conference is supported by the Philips Corporation and Wesleyan University.

By David Pesci, director of Media Relations