Wesleyan Athletes Named NESCAC All-Academics

At left, cross country runners Owen Kiely ’06 and Ellen Davis ’07 were named NESCAC All-Academics. Kiley and Davis are among 64 athletes to receive the honor.
Posted 07/06/07
Sixty-four Wesleyan student-athletes from 28 sports were named 2005-06 New England Small College All-Academic (NESCAC) honorees.

To become an All-Academic, student-athletes must have met qualifying criteria, including holding at least junior status academically with one year’s residence on campus; being a starter or significant reserve on a varsity team; and maintaining a cumulative GPA of 3.35 or higher.
Founded in 1971, the NESCAC is a group of 11 highly selective liberal arts colleges and universities that share a similar philosophy for intercollegiate athletics. The conference was created out of a concern for the direction of intercollegiate athletic programs, and remains committed to keeping a proper perspective on the role of sport in higher education.
Wesleyan’s All-Academics include:

Alex Battaglino ’07, Men’s Cross Country, Men’s Track & Field (indoor and outdoor); Tom Bendon ’07, Men’s Lacrosse; Taylor Bentley ’06, Men’s Track & Field (indoor and outdoor); Beth Bernstein ’06, Softball; Nate Boon ’06, Men’s Crew; Matt Burke ’07, Men’s Lacrosse; Pat Butsch ’06, Men’s Ice Hockey; Nate Byer ’06, Men’s Lacrosse; Ian Carbone ’06, Men’s Squash; Adam Chamberlain ’07, Men’s Swimming & Diving.

Also: Cara Chebuske ’06, Women’s Cross Country, Women’s Track & Field (indoor and outdoor); Marri Coen ’07, Women’s Soccer; Natalie Cohen ’06, Women’s Soccer; Ellen Davis ’07, Women’s Track & Field (indoor and outdoor); Liz Dee ’06, Field Hockey; Bob Diehl ’06, Men’s Lacrosse; Penny Essoyan ’07, Women’s Track & Field (indoor); Wes Fuhrman ’05, Men’s Cross Country and Track & Field (indoor); Molly Gaebe ’07, Softball ; Gaza Govati ’06, Men’s Soccer; Anda Greeney ’07, Men’s Cross Country Men’s Track & Field (outdoors).

Also: Ryan Hendrickson ’07, Men’s Ice Hockey; Caitlin Herlihy ’06, Women’s Soccer; Nick Holowka ’07, Men’s Track & Field (indoor and outdoor); Sarah Hopkins ’06, Women’s Soccer; Nate Huddell ’07, Men’s Cross Country, Men’s Track & Field (indoor and outdoor); Noah Isaacs ’06, Men’s Soccer; Eiza Jones ’07, Women’s Swimming & Diving; Ed Kenney ’07, Wrestling; Max Kates ’06, Men’s Tennis; Owen Kiely ’06, Men’s Cross Country, Men’s Track & Field (indoor); Megan Kretz ’07, Women’s Cross Country; Jesse Leavitt ’06, Baseball; Stephanie Lasby ’06, Women’s Swimming & Diving; Alex Loh ’06, Women’s Squash ; Kevin Lohela ’06, Men’s Soccer; David Lucier ’07, Football; Katherine Manchester ’07, Women’s Squash.

Also: Dan Mays ’06, Men’s Track & Field (indoor and outdoor); Sarah Milburn ’07, Women’s Basketball; Rob Mitchell ’06, Men’s Swimming & Diving; Tory Molnar ’07, Women’s Volleyball; Becca Morrell ’06, Women’s Soccer; Amy Nebenhaus ’06, Women’s Crew; Lauren Ogden ’07, Women’s Soccer; Joe Pepe ’07, Football; Jack Rooney ’07, Men’s Tennis; Amy Rouse ’06, Field Hockey; Gabe Roxby ’06, Men’s Track & Field (indoors); Deirdre Salsich ’07, Women’s Crew; Tori Santoro ’07, Women’s Tennis; Omair Sarwar ’06, Men’s Squash; Dave Scardella ’07, Men’s Ice Hockey; Jimmy Shepherd ’07, Men’s Basketball; Laura Siegle ’06, Women’s Lacrosse.

Also: Hannah Stubbs ’06, Women’s Basketball; Erin Smith ’06, Women’s Cross Country and Track & Field (indoor and outdoor); Caitlin Thompson ’06, Field Hockey; Hal Tift ’06, Golf; Dave Tutor ’06, Men’s Track & Field (indoor and outdoor); Seth Warren ’05, Men’s Track & Field (indoor and outdoor); Eric Wdowiak ’06, Baseball; Rob Weinstock ’06, Football; Dana Wollman ’06, Women’s Crew.