Campus Community Participates in WesFest Squash Tournament

More than 40 students, staff, faculty and alumni participated in a recent squash tournament at the Rosenbaum Squash Center.
Posted 05/02/07
All but one player got ‘squashed’ for the grand prize during the WesFest Squash Tournament April 21 in the Rosenbaum Squash Center.

The community-inspired tournament was open to all faculty, staff, students, family, alumni and friends of the university. This year, a crowd of 45 players spanning all levels of skills and age ranges, took part in the event.

“It was great to see such a cross section of squash playing community present at the same time,” says co-coordinator Shona Kerr, head coach of men’s and women’s squash and adjunct assistant professor of physical education. “We hope to continue this expansion of community squash at Wesleyan in conjunction with the enthusiasm of the playing members.”

Players included Wesleyan’s top male varsity squash player, present and former physical education class students, recent and not-so-recent alumi, Wesleyan coaches, faculty and staff members, as well as Bob Rosenbaum, whom the courts are dedicated to. Rosenbaum is a former national “Hardball Squash” champion.

“His tournament match with Bill Wasch, which went to a 3-2 score, was an inspiration to all present demonstrating squash as a sport for life,” Kerr says. “Many faculty and staff members brought their family where we saw the next generation trying out the sport and supporting their parents.”

Players were divided into four ability-based brackets: advanced players, women-only, developing players and beginning players. All matches were best of five games and roughly 70 matches later, the finalists emerged.

As for the results:

Advanced Players
Robert Broadfoot ’10 won the finals and took home the “Lunch Timers Holy Grail” as a prize. Vijay Pinch, professor of history, won the consolation finals.

Elizabeth Larner ’08 won the finals and Hope Reichback ’10 won the consolation finals.

Developing Players
Jerry Maguda, computer operations specialist, won the finals and Scott Horowitz ’07 won the consolation finals.

Beginning Players
Thomas Glomann, a graduate student, won the finals and Bob Rosenbaum, the University Professor of Sciences and Mathematics Emeritus, won the consolation finals.

In addition, an honorable mention was awarded to Rosembaum and Wasch for being “the most seasoned players,” Kerr says.

Tournament coordinators included Kerr, Maguda, and Henk Meij, applications technology specialist. Tournament participants included Loren Adler, Rachel Bedick, Keera Bhandari, Dan Bloom, Nathan Boon, Jonah Boyarin, Robert Broadfoot, Tom Castelli, Chris Caesar, Pennan Chinnasamy, “JD” Delgado, Facundo Fabbri, Nate Fowles, Andrea Giuliano, Tobias Glaser, Thomas Glomann, Gwynne Hunter, Scott Horowitz, Elizabeth Larner, Duane Le, Michael Loegering, Evan Lodge, Maguda, Katherine Manchester, Kyle McKee, Meij, Jeff Miller, John Mogielnicki, Janet Mosley, Ana Pérez-Gironés, William Pinch, Hope Reichbach, Bob Rosenbaum, Manuel Sanchez, Nate Sun, Sherry Sybertz, Ken Taillon, Wasch, Steven Wengrovitz, Kurt Westby and Geoffrey Wheeler.

By Olivia Drake, The Wesleyan Connection editor